Why so many emails?

Between January 31 and May 1, I send four emails to the primary contact person for every team coming to the Amherst Invitational. At the beginning of each email I (firmly) request that every contact reply immediately to acknowledge receipt of the email.

Question: Are all of the emails necessary?

Answer: I think so. Each email contains information that, based on my past experience, the teams need to know. I cannot consolidate into fewer emails because of timing: I need to talk about housing in March, rosters in early April, and seedings and schedules within 2 weeks of the tournament.

Question: Why such a fuss over a silly tournament?

Answer: The Amherst Invitational involves over 600 players and coaches, and well over 100 community volunteers. A huge amount of work and time are invested in the tournament, and we want it to be the best possible experience for all involved.

Question: Why is a reply demanded?

Answer: Due to spam filters and incorrect email addresses, sometimes an email does not go through. The only way I know for sure is by requesting a reply.

Question: Big deal, what could happen if a team didn’t receive the emails?

Answer: Here is a partial list of things that have REALLY happened in the past, and that our email communication prevents from happening in the future:

  • A team not showing up for the tournament.
  • A team expecting housing but none has been arranged.
  • A team breaking the rules and claiming to ‘not know’ that they are doing so.
  • A team leaving early and not playing all of their games
  • A team showing up without a chaperone, and then having a player that needs to go to a hospital.
  • A team not posting their scores and then being upset with their seeding..

Question: What if I understand all of this but still find the emails annoying?

Answer: Sorry.

Question: Do you have one last comment?

Answer: Yes! If you have read this far, then you have already spent more time than it takes to reply to all of the emails!

Respectfully yours,

Jim Pistrang, Amherst Invitational TD

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