Amherst Regional High School 2020 Ultimate Invitational

the 29th annual high school ultimate tournament
Saturday, May 2, and Sunday, May 3, 2020

Bids for the 2020 tournament are closed!

questions: send an email to Jim Pistrang

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Selected Teams

Frequently Asked Questions

Tournament Format and Schedules

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Selected Teams

Note: if your team is not listed below, it means that you were not accepted into the tournament and you are also not on a wait list. Please understand that this is not a reflection on your team, rather a reflection of the large demand and limited space at the tournament.

Girls Div-I

ARHS Varsity
Four Rivers Varsity
Lexington High School
Lower Merion
Montpelier HS
Newton North
Northampton High School
Northfield Mount Hermon

Girls D-I Wait List:

1. Lincoln Sudbury

Girls Div-II

Cape Elizabeth
Somerville HS
St Johnsbury
Stuyvesant High School

Girls D-II Wait List:

1. Columbia High School
2. Four Rivers JV

Open Div-I

Four Rivers (MA)
Lexington High School
Lower Merion High School
Masconomet High School (MA)
Needham High School (MA)
Pennsbury High School (PA)

Open D-I Wait List:

1. Cape Elizabeth
2. Columbia High School A

Open Div-II

Cambridge School Weston
Eagle Hill School
Somerville HS

Open D-II Wait List:

1. Frontier HS
2. Phillips Andover

About the Tournament

This spring we will be celebrating the 29th Annual Amherst Invitational Tournament. The tournament will be divided into four separate eight-team divisions: Open Division I, Open Division II, Girls Division I, Girls Division II.

Tournament Frequently Asked Questions

When is the tournament?

The tournament will take place on Saturday, May 02, and Sunday, May 03, 2020.

Who is allowed to play in the tournament?

We will (for the most part) be using the USA Ultimate Youth Competition Guidelines to determine if your team and players are eligible to attend our tournament. HOWEVER, in our tournament ALL members of a team must attend the same high school.

Do we need to be USA Ultimate members?

We encourage (but do not require) all players on all teams to be USA Ultimate members. USAU is strongly committed to the growth of high school Ultimate, and becoming a member will support their efforts. You can sign up on the USA Ultimate web page. (note: make sure you are signing up for a 2020 membership.)

Do the teams need Certificates of Insurance?

A Certificate of Insurance is preferred, but if a team is unable to provide a Certificate there is an option for individual player waiver forms. Click here for instructions.

Who is in charge of this tournament?

The directors (TDs) of the Amherst Invitational are Jim Pistrang (coach, Amherst Regional Middle School) and Hannah Baranes(coach, ARHS Girls Varsity) and Joe Costello (coach, ARHS Boys Varsity). All decisions regarding eligibility, acceptance of bids, seeding, and rules will be made by the TDs.

How do you decide which bids to accept?

We expect to receive well over 40 bids, and we only have room for 25 or 26 teams (not counting the Amherst teams). We will use the following criteria:

Open Div-I and Girls Div-I: we will give preference to the most competitive teams who apply from around the country.

Open Div-II and Girls Div-II: we will give strong preference to developing teams and teams who apply from the Northeast Region, particularly New England.

Important: For all divisions, we want a sense of how you have contributed to the growth of juniors ultimate in your school, town, or area.

Are there good parties at the Amherst Invitational?

We are quite sure that you will have a wonderful time at the tournament. However, all drugs, alcohol, and tobacco are strictly forbidden, both on and off the field. In addition, teams staying with a host family must abide by all rules and curfews that are set by the host. Failure to follow these rules will result in the expulsion of your team from the tournament (and we won't want you back next year either).

Where is the tournament?

The tournament will be held on the fields at the MacDuffie School in Granby, MA. We will have 16 beautiful contiguous fields, which will allow for a well paced tournament schedule. Each team will play three full-length games on Saturday followed by three more full-length games on Sunday.

How much does it cost?

The entry fee for the 2020 tournament will be $450. This is the same cost as the 2019 tournament.

What do we get for our money?

The money goes for things that you will see: field rental, trophies, team boxes, the printing of the program, port-a-johns, and on-field trainers.

Where will we stay in Amherst?

Housing will be provided for all teams that travel a distance to the tournament and need to stay overnight. Your hosts will be Amherst Ultimate team members and their families. Teams must indicate in their Registration Form whether or not they need housing, and how many people are on the team. Some teams will be able to stay together at one house, others may be split between two houses. At least one adult chaperone must stay with the team. Visiting teams must bring sleeping bags, pillows, etc. Most likely you will be sleeping on a floor. After you are accepted into the Tournament (in February) you will be contacted by our Housing Director.

Do we need an adult chaperone?

Absolutely. You must have an adult chaperone if you want to play in the tournament, and the chaperone must be with your team for the entire weekend. Failure to have a chaperone may result in expulsion from the tournament.

How do I know if my team belongs in Division I or Division II?

The Registration Form includes a place where you can describe your team and give us some info from your seasons last fall and spring. The Tournament Directors will put together a seeding based on this info.

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Tournament Format and Schedule

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How do I submit a bid to the Tournament?

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