2019 ARHS Boys Ultimate

Questions about anything? Please contact Joe Costello joe.costello2@gmail.com (508) 944 7917.

Spring Season Information

Thank you to everyone for working hard this week! Please see below for rosters and for information on where and when the teams will meet. If you would like to talk with someone about the results of tryouts please contact Joe Costello joe.costello2@gmail.com (508) 944 7917.


ARHS has made it clear that if you leave school on Friday you can still attend the after-school meeting and practice but you can not participate. We know that leaves you with a tough decision to make (and that's sort of the point of striking... you sacrifice something you care about, like half a day of school and athletics, to show support for a cause). We trust you to make the decision that's best for you. There are no consequences or hard feelings if you decide to participate in the walk-out and support your teammates from the sideline on Friday afternoon.

Also, and this is very important, do NOT judge anyone else for whatever decision they make. Trust that your teammates have good intentions and have made thoughtful decisions.

*Varsity* -- Meet outside the AD office at 3:30 on Friday 3/15. Be prepared to run and throw outside. You will be given important paperwork that you will need to put away before our workout.
Contact for coach Joe Costello: joe.costello2@gmail.com
Contact for coach Leila Tunnell: ltunnell18@gmail.com

*JVA* -- Meet outside the AD offiec at 3:45 on Friday 3/15. Be prepared to run and throw outside.
Contact for coach Jay Watson: bickford67@hotmail.com

*JVB* -- Meet outside the AD offiec at 3:15 on Friday 3/15. Be prepared to run and throw outside after a short introductory meeting.
Contact for coach Rae Baritz: raybaritz@gmail.com


ARHS Boys Varsity

Mason Alschuler
Jesse Barker Plotkin
Nadav Berkman
Orion Cable
James Cairn
Patrick Como
Leif Corp
Cole Davis-Brand
Timothy Demling
Bryan Dole
Samuel Green
Luca Harwood
Wyatt Kellman
Wesley Killough-Hill
Zachary Riley
Zachary Watson-Stevens
Owen Young
Andrew Zhu


Tim Barker Plotkin
Gregory Bernier
Aki Bix
Jonas Camera
Nico Christakos
Griffin Connor
Alex Fruean
Henry Geffert
Joseph Leutz
Seamus McMurrer
Matt Morrin
Sean O'Neil
Eli Smith
Eric Treyz
Serik White
Ethan Wilkinson
Nor Young


Daniel Allan
Mark Benedetto
Emmett Bird
Peter Carlson-Belanger
Kyle Crosby
Louis Douville Beaudoin
Geir Hartl
Galen Harwood
Alden Hinkel
Luka Karlovich
Chaitan Konowitz
Owen Lynch
Grant Powicki
Salim Saulsbury
Owen Siege
Carter Stevens


Spring Tryout Information

The tryout dates are:
Monday March 11, 4:00-6:00 at UMass McGuirk Stadium
**Tuesday March 12, 3:30-5:15 in the ARHS Gym - Mandatory for all players
Wednesday March 13, 4:00-6:00 at UMass McGuirk Stadium
Thursday March 14, 4:00-6:00 at UMass McGuirk Stadium

Here's the process you need to complete leading up to tryouts:

1. Sign up for spring sports with the ARHS Athletic Department
Make sure you have a current sports physical on file with the nurse (Check that the physical does not expire during the season!)
Pay your spring sports participation fee

2. Make sure you have a current USAU membership (usaultimate.org)
Pay USAU membership fee
Sign USAU waiver

3. Bring a signed USAU Medical Authorization form to the mandatory Tuesday March 12 tryout session (here is a link to the form)

4. Fill out the Pre-Tryout Info form.
**You must complete steps 1 and 2 before filling out this form.

Click here to go to the Pre-Tryout form.